ANS EcoSolvent Printer (ECO1700)
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Model ANS ECO1700N
Printer Heads Epson DX5  
Ink Type Eco-Solvent based / Dye based
Maximum Printing width 1600 mm  
Resolution 540 DPI; 720 DPI; 1440 DPI
Print Mode: 3 Pass/ 4pass/6pass/8pass
Print Speed   27m2/h; 18m2/h;13m2/h;9m2/h
RIP Software: Onyx; Photo-Print; Seegate; Maintop;
Color: 4 Color  (C;M;Y;K)
Media Feeding: Roll Media   ( pp, sticker, flex etc.)
Printer Interface:   USB 2.0
Input Power 100-240v, 50Hz/60Hz
Machine Weight:   180 Kg
Machine Size: 2543*806*1350mm
1.     High precision piezoelectric nozzle, the perfect expression of high-definition, it enhanced the market competiveness .
2.     Japan THK rail, ensure the precision requirement in the factory and later use, in testing parallelism and straightness is 0.01mm
3.     Japan imported bearing, to ensure the precision and service life of machine running.
4.     Full aluminum of core structure, four surface after hign precision processing, ensure the accuracy of the machine and longer service life.
5.     Servo motor to reduce the noise.

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