Handtop Roll to Roll UV Printer (Ricoh Gen5 )
Handtop Roll to Roll UV Printer   (Ricoh Gen5 ) UV Printer Printing Machine Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor, Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | ANS AD Supply Sdn Bhd

Ricoh Gen 5 technology advantage,provide a broad market prospect,Reliables stability combines outstanding printing quality and speed performance.Top-level R&D Team,strict manufacturing concept,to provide you with excellent equipment.High cost-value product brings you more business and profit.

 Printhead Ricoh Gen 5
 Number of heads 2
 Ink colour C M Y K
 Ink type UV INK
 Print width 1.8m
 Number of nozzles 2*1280
 Drop size(PL) 7,14,21
 Resolution 600*600pdi 600*900pdi 600*1200pdi
 Number of pass 2 3 4
 Print speed 60/h 40/h 30/h
 Rip software Seeget
 Interface Gigabit Etherent
 Os Win 7
 Enironment Temperature:20-30,Humidity60-70
 Media handling Roll to Roll,Automatic feeders and takeups
 Media types Photo Paper,Vinyl,PP,Leather,Thermal transferring,ect

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