LC1325 Digital Cutter
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Product features

*Endless prosibility,suitable for card,corrugate paper,rubber,gasket thin PVC,acrylic,leather,clothe,foam ect
*Interlligent head with exchangeable tools
*High speed vibrating cutting tool
*Multi vacuum zone
*Broaden the cutting area while equipped the router and  extraction system


 Model               LC 1325 CUTTER 
 Effective Cutting Area 2500×1300mm
Oscillating knife,drag knife,pen,creasing tool,router system
 Maximum speed 1350m/s
 Router speed 25000rpm(400W)
 Max cutting thickness 30mm
 Smallest cutting diameter 6mm
 Precision ≤0.1mm
 Voltage 200v±10% 50HZ
Video registration system,V cut knife,form cutting knife,convey belt
 Occupy dimension(L×W×H) 3400×2530×1200mm
 NOTE Other sizes can

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